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Favorite New York Straight Guys

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Straight Guy Seduced During His Job Interview
by hungindazipper

It was a wonderful sunny day and I was extremely excited to be getting ready to attend a new job interview as a personal assistant for a local law firm. I gulped down my coffee and quickly adjusted my tie before rushing out to the door to the impatient taxi honking out the front.

All the way to the interview I become more excited at the prospect of a new career and was fantasising about all the new female employees I could fool around with in the office. Secretly I hoped my new employer would be as hot as the news reader I was watching this morning as I slowly stroked myself to a full erection in the back of the taxi.

Upon arriving at the office I was slightly disappointed that the secretary was actually a man but never gave it a second thought as I was ushered into a side office to fill out the forms before the boss would arrive to interview him.

Halfway through the forms my mind wandered off to my previous daydream and I once again began to harden.
Just as I was slowly stroking myself through my pants, the door flew open and in walked the boss who glanced down to see my pants with a huge bulge in the front.
I was slightly embarressed as I looked up to see the new boss was a man and had a large grin on his face as he casually glanced down into my lap and licked his lips and quietly locked and closed the door behind him.

The new boss introduced himself and sat down on the edge of the desk in front of me and started scanning throught the interview forms, when suddenly without warning he reached down and started to rub my thigh.

I was too stunned to respond but what I really wanted to do was bolt out the door to never return, but I was without work and the bills were piling up so I just sat there with my eyes wide open and let him slowly stroke my thigh.

I could feel his hand working higher up my leg until it was pulling at my zipper and reaching inside to pull out my already responding cock. I was stunned and excited at the same time and closed my eyes trying to relax as I slowly became more aroused with situation that I was now in.

I heard him move and opened my eyes to see him slowly lowering his mouth onto my now fully erect penis. Wow it felt great to have a warm mouth wrapped around my man-hood even if it was a man.

Slowly I let him raise me from my seat and undo my belt letting my pants drop to the floor. I was right into the moment now and was enjoying his mouth around me and the sensation of his fingers caressing my nuts at the same time until he suddenly stopped and walked behind me and with a gentle pressure pushed me forward to lean over the desk, I could now feel his warm breath on my naked arse and and was looking forward to what ever happened next.

Suddenly I felt his mouth kissing my arse cheeks and I responded to his hands as they slowly parted my legs until I gasped at the feeling of him kissing my bung hole.

I had never even had thoughts that I might be interested in men but the feeling of his tongue as it entered my arse was a sensation I had never had before and I was loving every minute of it.
Without warning I suddenly felt his cock pushing against my arse and felt the burn as it slipped inside me, I gasped for for air and was pleased that he let me slowly adjust to the pressure before starting to screw my virgin ass, I couldnt help myself and reached down and starting wanking my cock only to come after a few strokes blowing his load over the desk.

Just as I came he felt him stiffen inside me and felt the warm gush as he came inside me.

Slowly he felt him withdrawl from inside me and begin to turn me round before he placed a hand on my shoulder and forced me down onto my knees, gripping the back of my head, he made me lick him clean before getting me to lie down on the desk as he slowly lowered his mouth over my cock again and began sucking me back to my full hardness again.

Just when I thought it was over, he moved forward and started kissing me, inserting his tongue deep into my mouth while slowly stroking his penis before climbing on top of me and lowering himself onto my rock hard pulsating penis.

I was amazed at the tightness and warmth as I slowly entered his arse and suddenly lost all inhibitions and started thrusting upwards to get as deep as he could inside his arse, I was now thoroughly convinced that I should have experimented ages ago and loved the sight of him playing with his cock only inches from my face.

After a coulpe of minutes I exploded deep inside his arse and i could feel his muscles contracting around my cock just seconds before he came all over my belly.

Slowly he raised himself from me and leaned forward and licked all his come from stomach before leaning forward and giving me a passionate kiss.
I had never tasted another man before, let alone let a complete stranger seduce me in this way and take full full advantage of the situation.
I was confused and amazed as we both got dressed and then he shook my hand and welcomed me to the company, smiling as he told me he was looking forward to monday when i could the other partners in the company.

I gathered my things and as i was leaving the reception area i looked over to see the reception guy smiling at me, and noticed him give me a wink
Well hopefully thats another story but im now looking forward to monday and the start of a new career and both at work and play.

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