Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hit the Showers

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Hit the Showers by blahblahblahblah42343

It was average day at school. I was in ninth grade, and was just coming back from tennis practice. Except this time I was late, because I stayed with two friends to hit around for another half hour. The locker room was pretty average, with a big open shower room. I had never used the showers, because I was a bit shy about my late blooming body.

As we walked back to our lockers, I started to take out my school clothes when Eric, one of my best friends, said, "You're not showering?"

I stared back at him while he pulled his boxers down and draped a towel around himself.

"I wasn't planning on it. I'm pretty late as it is."

My other friend Jon came over wrapped in a towel and said, "Hey, you're not showering?"

I shrugged him off and said, "Nah, I don't think so."

He and Eric smiled at each other and Jon said, "Come on, don't be shy. It'll be fun. Wait - have you ever showered in there before?"

I flashed an embarrassed smile and said, "Well... no. Haha."

Eric looked at me and said, "Oh come on, you gotta shower. Here, we'll show you the ropes." Jon grinned again.

I proceeded to undress and flip a towel around myself as they walked to the showers. I entered and didn't believe what I saw. Jon was sitting on the shower bench as Eric was on his knees sucking his cock!

Jon looked over at me while burying Eric's head in his cock and said, "Hey! Come on over. Take that towel off. Turn on the next shower head over!"

I slowly unwrapped my towel, and saw both Jon and Eric looking down at my cock, grinning. I obliged and turned on the shower, watching Eric pump Jon's huge dick in and out of his mouth. The image was turning me on, but I was too shy to do anything. All of the sudden, Jon was grunting and I saw him blow his load right into my best friend's mouth. After he swallowed it all, they got up and showered off.

I finally worked up the courage to talk and said, "Do - do you guys do that often?"

Eric turned to me and laughed. "Pretty often."

I had a girlfriend but I was always curious about guys. Wishing to seize my opportunity, I repeated their earlier promise. "So, you guys were going to show me the ropes?"

Jon grinned and walked over to me. I kept my eyes at eye level but couldn't resist sneaking peeks of his 8 inch cock. "How's this?"

Jon reached down and jacked off my cock until it was rock hard.


"You like that?"

"Heh. Yeah, I guess." I said.

Jon suddenly got on his knees and teased my cock in and out of his mouth. I couldn't believe it! One of my friends was giving me head in the school shower! Jon started taking all of me in his mouth and picking up the speed. I let him know I was going to cum soon and I shot a decent load in his mouth.

Jon swallowed and with a grin said, "I never would've guessed your dick is that big."

Eric was still quietly showering in the showerhead next to me. I caught glimpses of him jacking off and took my opportunity. I walked over to him and said, "Would you mind? Heh." He grinned and I got down on my knees, sucking his hard 7 inch cock like I had seen girls do in pornos. I was getting rock hard. Eric noticed this, and brought me up to his eye level. I was slightly taller than him. He turned around.

"What do you think - you want some of my ass?" He said, sticking a finger and working it in and out of his tight ass.

I stared at him in disbelief. Was he asking me to fuck him in the ass? "Um.. I've never done that before. Maybe some other time."

"Nah, don't be a pussy. Better to start sooner than later." He said, and motioned for me to sit on the shower bench. I sat down, my rock hard cock flying in the air. Eric, all the while facing me, spread his ass and sat right on my cock!

The pleasure was insane. For a few seconds, he slowly fit more and more of my cock in his ass. I started groaning with pleasure as he proceeded to thrust up and down on my dick!

I started fucking his tight ass hard and he groaned with pleasure. "Ohh, yes, fuck my ass. Make me your bitch." He said in between gasps.

In between my intense thrusts, I thought about what we were doing! I asked Jon, who was jacking off, "Uh. What if - ohh yes - someone - uh yeah - comes in?"

He stood up, smiled, and replied back, "The only person who's gonna be coming is me in your ass. If you're okay with that?"

I was slightly shocked at his offer but at the same time intrigued. As Eric was still squealing as my cock slid effortless in and out of his tight little 15 year old ass, Jon told him to get off for a second, and I stood up too. Jon got down behind me and told me to bend over slightly. He started licking my asshole, and I gasped with pleasure. He started sliding in his fingers gently, and while he was warming me up, Eric seized the moment to continue sucking me off. Jon got up and said, "So, wanna get on with it?"

I was scared, but by that time I was so horny I wanted to be fucked hard. I stared at him and said "Fuck me now."

Jon bent me over and proceeded to slowly fit an inch of his immense, warm, hard cock in my ass. It hurt, but I urged him on. "Keep stuffing it in. Fuck me hard."

Jon obliged and fit a few more inches in. The pain was intense, but it felt good. I needed all of his cock in me, now.

He fit all of it in, and by this time I was wincing with pain but moaning because of the pleasure. He started slowly pulling his cock out and stuffing it back in my tight ass. I started moaning because of the pain and pleasure, and eventually the pain gave way to 100 percent pleasure. I begged to be fucked harder and faster, as Eric got on his knees and serviced my cock. Jon started pumping his cock in and out of my ass voraciously, and he and I moaned together as he gripped his hands on my sides and fucked me. By this time, I was getting ideas. I wanted to fuck Eric in the ass while Jon fucked me.

Eric was busy fucking Jon in the ass, and from what I heard, I assumed he had recently filled Jon's ass with his hot jizz. Jon said to Eric, "Hey, you guys never finished up. Let Brian fuck your ass and let's get a train going here!"

Eric sucked my cock to get it nice and slippery and turned around, his ass in the air. I needed to have it, and I wanted to fuck him like a little bitch. I grabbed his ass, slapped it, and plunged my whole cock in.

The scenario was unbelievable. I was taking my friend's hard cock in my ass, while fucking my best friend in the ass! We continued on like that for a good ten minutes, and I started giving Eric a reach around.

Jon kept fucking away at my ass while my cock slipped in and out of Eric's. It was the most pleasure I ever had in my life, the cock in my ass and my cock in Eric's balancing out the pain. Jon kept his promise and proceeded to fill my ass with his hot, juicy cum, hitting my asshole harder than ever. He rimmed my asshole for a little longer and then proceeded to get on his knees and suck off Eric. I groaned with pleasure and announced, "Ughhhh, I'm gonna cum soon. I'm gonna cum.. oh yeah.. OH!" I filled Eric's ass with cum as he yelped with the feeling of my cock thrusting the last drops of cum out. I was exhausted, but I needed to do my best friend a favor after I just pounded his ass.

Eric stood up straight and I joined Jon in sucking and licking his cock and balls. I eventually pushed Jon away as I had full control of Eric's cock in my mouth. I loved the feeling of it and sucking up all of his precum. I didn't even care that just a few minutes ago he had been fucking Eliot in the ass. Dirty or not, I wanted his cock - and his cum.

I sucked on Eric's fat, rock hard cock for a few more minutes, stopping to lick his balls and finger his ass, and I knew he was working up a big load. I could feel his cock ready to cum, so I sucked harder and faster and sucked him as he blew his load in my mouth and on my face. Eric and Jon looked at my jizz-spattered face as I struggled to swallow his sweet cum. Jon laughed and said, "Let me help you with that." as he gave me an open mouth kiss and swallowed a good half of the jizz. I laughed and thanked him as I slurped up my share.

I stood up and was exhausted. It was a little awkward - we had just sucked and fucked our way through a 30 minute shower! Finally, breaking the tension, Eric said, "Hey Brian, you look hot with that cum on your face, but you better wash it off." I laughed and washed off, draped my towel around my body, and we exited together.

We kept having our late tennis practices at least three times a week. When we went into summer vacation, we made sure to meet up for sleepovers a few times a month.